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Herpes Misery

Born with herpes Ė Anonymous, Age 19, Colorado

Fuck every single one of you who bitches about contracting herpes. I was fucking born with it and canít go 2 weeks without an outbreak. It has single-handedly ruined my life. I canít get a date, canít get a job, and god must hate me because I was denied even the chance to ruin my life for myself.

My crotch looks like pizza - Lindsay, Age 18, Ohio

I had anal sex with this guy I thought I liked about a year ago. Besides using me and ripping my asshole, he also gave me herpes. Everyone knows because I live in a small town and my GYN's wife is a fucking fat ass gossip. I don't have any friends and dating is not even an option because my crotch usually looks like chewed up pizza and no guy would have sex with me anyway. I did meet one guy online who came over but when he used my bathroom I guess he saw the Valtrex in the medicine cabinet and made some excuse to leave.

I work at Waffle House taking orders from drunks and cleaning up puke and stopped up toilets. Then I come home and play EverQuest until I fall asleep. The guy that gave me herpes moved out of town and I don't remember his last name even if I wanted to look him up and kill him. I dropped out of high school and never got a GED so the Waffle House job is about as good as it will get for me.

I live with my dad in a singlewide trailer that doesnít even have AC. My dad is a trucker so he is hardly home but when he is, I am subjected to the sound of moans and groans from the truck stop hookers he picks up. My one joy in life is my computer my grandparents bought for me for Xmas two years ago. I don't even have a car. I walk to work in my Waffle House get-up. Every day I pray I get hit by a car walking to work. My paychecks are spent on the Valtrex I have to buy because I don't have health insurance to cover it. I have no reason to live. My crotch is burning right now as I type this.

Husband left for three weeks and came back with herpes Ė K, Age 36, Florida

My husband left me and our family 3 weeks before Christmas, it took 3 weeks for him to call me and tell me he was just tired of being married but after a long talk we got back together, then a week after getting back together his penis breaks out with all kinds of blisters (herpes). I still to this day have never gotten a blister but think Im kinda stuck in hell, there is no way I could ever leave him. I do love him as crazy as I know it is plus the fact I would never want to sleep with anyone else and chance spreading herpes.

She gave me herpes on purpose - Anonymous, Age 45, Cincinnati

I will kill myself in a few months. I hate the fact that I've got herpes and the bitch that gave it to me did it on purpose and laughed about it. I have no life anymore and I want to die every day. Shortly after football season (my last true love) I will probably pull the trigger and end it all. Life sucks.

Iíll never have a girlfriend - Tom, Age 16, Hollywood, CA

Well, I guess it all started when I was born. My piece of shit mother named me Thomas but everyone calls me Tom, and did I mention my last name is Arnold? So I have to put up with people making fun of me all the time because of some no talent bum on TV has the same name as me.

A few days after I was born my dad OD'd on cough medicine, so I grew up in a truck and now I live in a 1 bedroom apartment with 20 little crack babies and my mom. She goes to "work" every night but never tells me where. When I was 9 some old homeless lady stole me from my mom by breaking a vodka bottle over her head in the food stamp line. The old crazy bitch gave me herpes all over my dick and ass, I was found tied up screaming in an empty warehouse. That event has caused me to be bipolar, schizo, and suicidal. To this day I wake up screaming because of flashbacks.

Because of the severe herpes, I think I'll never have a girlfriend. All the medical bills have left no money for me and my mom, and I try to kill myself on a daily basis but I can't afford to. I don't think I have ever had a real friend in my whole life because I'm all freaky looking like a cross between a mongoose and a warlock. I spend my days talking to ko0l d00dz on IRC because I dropped out of school recently when the football team tied me up and raped me in a hotel room. No one believes me and thinks I'm looking for attention. If it wasn't for this old broken computer I found in a dumpster I would probably kill myself by ODing on baby poop cuz it's all I have.

I have itchy bumps on my penis - KM, Age 18, Pennsylvania

I recently broke up with my girlfriend who had a horrible case of herpes. I just thought that the lumps were supposed to be there. That is the only pussy I have ever seen so how would I know the difference. Well I started to get these bumps on my penis and let me tell you somethingÖit itches and it sucks. Since I'm only 5'2 100 pounds there arenít many college chicks that will go for me anymore. But ya know what? I donít give a shit cuz masturbation will never say no to me. Thanks, jerk-off God, youíre all I have anymore.

STDs, hookers, and video games - Sam, Age 49, San Francisco

I am a 300 pound San Franciscan landlord. People in my neighborhood call me the "cave man". I have not left my house for any reason other than to pick up hookers. I have had sex with over 100 hookers, no joke. I have herpes and gonorrhea thanks to that. All my money comes from my dead parents, and I'm running out. To make matters worse, I'm addicted to an on-line video game that I spend over 60 dollars a month on.

Death would be heaven - Anonymous, Age 38, Odessa TX

I was molested by a stepfather at age 6 till age 12, date raped at age 16, and stayed alone most of the time after that. I have always been overweight and treated like shit because if it. I dated at age 19 for a couple of months then didnít date again till age 25, got pregnant, didnít date again till 34. Finally married a guy, who after 16 months of married bliss tells me he only married me to take care of his 4 kids. Then he left me for a 21 year old "virgin" he met online, stole my truck (our only vehicle), emptied the checking account and left his 4 kids with me, didnít even tell them goodbye.

I was having health problems and could not work; I have 6 herniated discs in my back, and diabetes. Then 2 days before the divorce is final I find out I have genital herpes and warts (the internal kind that turn cancerous) and cancer cells on my cervix (from the warts). He then tells me that he had been breaking out with herpes since he was 17 (he is 38 now) but he never bothered to tell me he had it. So now I can never have another relationship. I am depressed and want to die. But I have my 12 yr old son to raise. Life is hell, death would be heaven.

I thought they were zits - Anonymous, Age 45, Cincinnati

Last January, I met this chick from Dayton that a friend at work set me up with. We talked on the phone for 2 weeks and I really enjoyed talking to her. We decided to meet at my apartment for a date. We hit it off really well and I kissed her real nicely and she was mine. We fucked like hound dogs all night and into the next morning. I came a total of 5 times, once back to back and I came on her stomach to show her that fact. Well, I really enjoyed myself and we made a date to get together again that next weekend at my place again and once again we fucked like rabbits.

I was really digging this woman and we made plans for that next weekend. She came down again and we fucked again but after she left I noticed a couple of bumps on the head of my dick. I thought they were zits and I popped them. Then later that day I went to take a piss and I felt a blinding pain and stinging. I put up with that pain for 2 days and then I went to the doctor. I found out I had contracted herpes and I called the Dayton chick. She didnít seem too shook up about it and then I figured it out, she knew she had it and didnít really give a fuck about me having it too. Now my life is ruined and I have NO sex life at all, after having a robust sex life for decades. I want to die because for the last year I break out about once a month and it takes 2 weeks to heal the sores. Kill me now.

I feel dirty - Peter, Age 19, Edmonton, Canada

I feel dirty. Every night I go to the pubs and try to pick up girls but I end up going home with boys. I never fancied myself a homosexual, but when it comes down to it, any sex will work. Sometimes I suck dick for money. I donít like to suck dick but my job at the donut shop doesnít pay much and I have to supplement my income to afford sex toys for my rampant homosexuality.

My father hates me. He beats me senseless when he finds me wearing my mothers underwear. Then him and his friends get drunk and put out their cigarettes on my arm. I wish that I could get a girl - that would cure me from my illness. The illness of being gay.

I have a terrible case of herpes from a 36-year-old construction worker who called me Brenda. He put odd things in my anus like the fat end of a whisky bottle. There are times when I hustle myself out on Whyte Ave. to older men for bar money. Sometimes they donít pay me, they just beat me until I canít see straight. How am I ever going to get a girl with my face bloodied up and with bumps on my penis? I hate myself.

íNuff said Ė Anonymous, Age 18, Texas

My penis is 1 inch long with warts. I recently got genital herpes. Need I say more?

Herpes on my ass - Hash, Age 20, Austin, Texas

I've been an in-the-closet gay for 10 years now and I want to come out. The problem is that the group of guys that I want to hang out with don't like me now and if I came out, they would probably beat me up and kill me. My last boyfriend gave me herpes on my ass and now I have a hard time taking a shit. Sometimes I have to take an Ex-lax so my shit will come out easy. I've never had sex with a girl, because I don't know how to pick them up. That's why I turned gay. I'm also tired of guys ripping my ass when they don't use lubrication. I've had to get stitches three times. I went out with a guy last night who said he only gives, he doesn't receive, so I had to suck his dick and he made me swallow or he would kick my ass.

Killer pussy - Anonymous, Age 21, USA

I am a lesbian. I love the taste of pussy, when it is good. But I barely get to sample the sweet juices anymore cause of this one skank bitch that I devoured. She said she was just beginning to get sexual. This was her first sexual act of any kind. Well, I don't know if everyone else knew something about her that I didn't, cause in the middle of pleasuring her, this clump of nasty, yellow, stanky, rotten something came out of her. I instantly vomited from the smell and the taste of it. Now, I have this disgusting infection on my mouth. I constantly have huge pussing herpes on and around my mouth. I brush, and rinse and do everything possible and it doesn't help. I can't smile cause my lips are so cracked they bleed and ooze stinky puss. I still don't know to this day what I contracted from her. But if I ever see her again, I am going to spit in her mouth and tongue her, so she can live my hell. And besides all that I am a hot bitch, tight little bod, but my mouth just kills it for me. GAHHHHHHHHHHH!

Skank ex-wife - John, Age 47, Tennessee

I am so damned frustrated. I hate my ex-wife for giving me genital herpes. I finally got rid of the cheating slut but I can't get rid of this. Wouldn't you know it - along comes the love of my life and I don't have any choice but to tell her about this shit. What if she can't accept me? If she can't, then perhaps she wasn't the right one after all. Anyhow, I hate the god-damned whore who gave me this. I shouldn't have to deal with it. May she rot in Hell!

I gave myself genital herpes - Joseph, Age 25, New York

My retarded ass gave myself genital herpes. I hate myself and think the world should take some time out and cap my sorry ass. Wanna know how I did it? I went out to a club. But before I was sure to clear my lips of all outbreaks. I got totally shitfaced at the club and got home. I met no women, because I'm a straight loser, so I decided to crank up the computer and look at some online porn. I also thought it'd be a good idea to throw some chewing tobacco in my mouth beforehand. Well, needless to say I didn't even think to wash my hands before self-indulgence. The next day I felt a burning sensation on my dick and looked at it later that night. Nothing. Next day, though, I took another look I have five little tiny zits right where I place my index finger on my penis when I whack it. Good thing I used my index finger to pull my lip out to throw a dip in. Now I'm just a total fucking loser. Balding, with herpes and without a single friend. I am truly an island. I even know who I got herpes from. I just wanna die.

I've never had a real girlfriend and if I ever end up with one I'll be scraping the bottom of the barrel. I've thought about putting out a personals ad. BALDING WITH HERPES SEEKS GIRL WITH PULSE. At least other people didn't catch it from themselves. I wanna shrivel up into nothing in a world with no one. This plague has made me twenty times shier than I already was. Please freeze me until a cure is here and I have enough money for some hair plugs. Shit, it wasn't so bad when you could say looks don't count. Now I'm just a washed up piece of shit.

The damage was already done - Anonymous, Kansas, Age 21

I had to sit by and watch while my girlfriend went out and caught herself a nice little case of herpes. Being the nice guy I am, I "understood" and sympathized, never once stopping to think about how this could affect my future social life. Time went by and I learned to exercise extreme caution wile spending special time with her. Eventually we decided to go our own ways. remarkably I came out of that relationship with no unpleasant diseases, but the damage was already done. she had gone around telling everyone she saw that she had herpes <in hopes for sympathy maybe?>, and my friends decided to do the same <nice joke?>. and with people being the way that that are, they played "telephone" and now according to popular belief I am the one with herpes.

The little slut I hooked up with had herpes  - William, Los Angeles, CA, Age 26

My life is just a fucking hole.  My parents hate me because I have no ambition in life and can't get my shit together to graduate from college.  I've been at the same damn school since I was 18 and I still don't have my fucking degree.  In English, no less which is just fucking fabulous because I get to go from my fast food job to teaching a bunch of dirty ignorant kids with even dirtier ignorant parents.  Most of them don't even speak English as a first language.  I had a girlfriend but I left her for some girl I was working with only the little slut I hooked up with had herpes and didn't tell me and she lied to me about her age and she's really 15.  My girlfriend won't take me back and is threatening to take a restraining order on me because I keep calling her house.  I'd buy a fucking gun and end this crap but I can't afford one.

I hate the god-damned whore who gave me this - John, TN, Age 47

I am so damned frustrated. I hate my ex-wife for giving me genital herpes. I finally got rid of the cheating slut but I can't get rid of this. Wouldn't you know it along comes the love of my life and I don't have any choice but to tell her about this shit. What if she can't accept me? If she can't then perhaps she wasn't the right one after all. Anyhow I hate the god-damned whore who gave me this. I shouldn't have to deal with it. May she rot in Hell!


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